About Art South-South

Namibian artist Kirsten Wechslberger making the ant bodies using latex moulds and bioplastic
Namibian artist Kirsten Wechslberger making giant ants using latex molds and bioplastic during an artist residency at Tanderra Craft Village in Whyalla.

Art South-South is a Namibian trust that was established in August 2014 by Namibian and Australian trustees who want to address specific needs  of Namibian art communities.


The leading catalyst for growing Namibian art worlds

Mission statement

Our mission is to conduct research and disseminate information that will inform the implementation of quality programmes that will stimulate and grow sustainable social, economic and environmental activities within Namibian art worlds.

  • Inspiration
  • Connectedness
  • Growth and learning
  • Social equity
  • Effective use of resources
  • Awareness of the fragility of the natural environment

The main objectives of the Art South-South Trust are to

  • Conduct ongoing research and disseminate information that will inform the initiation and implementation of programs and activities
  • Distribute information and offer consultancy and training services focused on growing sustainable practices in Namibian art worlds
  • Facilitate Namibian art, craft and design globally through initiatives and programs that will stimulate sustainable growth in Namibian art worlds.
Art South-South offers the following programs:

(1) NAAUA (Namibia Australia Artists)

This program fosters cross cultural communication and understanding between Namibian and Australian artists and communities. Art South-South support Namibian artists to participate in Australian artist residencies, selected art festivals and exhibitions and to conduct community art workshops in South Australia.

(2) START (Services To ARTists)

This program provides quality consultancy to individual artists, craftspeople, designers and art, craft and design groups, businesses and organisations with the aim to stimulate sustainable growth within Namibian art worlds.

(3) Research

This program focuses on the collation and dissemination of data relevant to Namibian art worlds with the aim to inform all programs and processes conducted within the Art South-South Trust.